Friday, January 8, 2010

Mannum 2009

Adelaide Buggy Club was gifted with the use of a big parcel of land near Mannum a while ago by some very generous enthusiasts ( who dont seem to mind the noise and dust ). In August 2009 the club held its first event there.

Andrew and I did recovery for the weekend and my new camera got to go on its first big outing and even though we didn't have much to do in the way of recovery, I came home with over 700 shots.

Apparently this photo ended up on the front of a Tshirt : )

The Maverick is just the all round perfect vehicle for recovery!

The weekend was fantastic - all the drivers loved the new track, lots of the townsfolk came out for a look and I had a ball taking the photos. Bring on the next event!!


  1. You are just so cool naughtynanna! Love the photo of you on top of the Maverick. Can't wait to be able to get some real dust up my nose!!!!

  2. and in your ears, and in your undies....