Monday, February 1, 2010

baroota october 09

If you're not sure where Baroota is - dont feel too bad, you're not on your own. It's
about half way between Port Pirie and Port Augusta near the top of the Spencer Gulf .

The Spencer Gulf Off Road Association have an awesome track and a couple of times a year we head up there for a fantastic weekend.

The track is on a parcel of land between the southern Flinders Ranges and the Gulf so the scenery is great on both sides! Because it's so far up the Gulf when the tide comes in it just creeps up the beach - no waves, it's quite weird.

Normally bone dry, there was a freak rain storm in the week leading up to the event, so by the afternoon of the first day it was getting hard to tell which car was which.


over she goes...

a great way to end the day

like something out of mad max

there's a gorgeous old house in the front paddock - the original farmhouse of the property


  1. Love it - beautiful photos yet again - captures the place and your day to perfection. Love the open door photo. Can't wait to experience one of these dirty weekends. Actually any dirty weekend would be great......

  2. OMG! What awesome photos! A whole other side of you NN :) Very down and dirty :)

  3. thank you to both of you. first race of the season is april - back in Baroota - CANNOT wait. will be more photos, albeit dusty ones this time!