Tuesday, April 20, 2010

baroota april 2010

....2010's offroad state season started last weekend at baroota (nationals started at hyden,wa, over easter), and an extremely good and dirty weekend was had by all!!

last time we were here it had been raining - this time it was the dust we've come to know and love

being a state and club round there's a variety of cars that you wouldn't see at a national event

every camp site needs a rotty to guard the firewood and sook loves a weekend away

the track is privately owned and sits between the top of spencer gulf.......

...and the southern flinder's ranges

and when it's not being used to create dust storms, the owner runs sheep on it

not all fun and games, sometimes the toys get broken

alright...it's pretty much always fun and games

after 24 hrs of dust without a shower in sight and someone points a camera at you

cant wait to be posting pics of our car!


  1. I dunno Sar - I reckon all that dust, an orange vest, a good cap and some nasty sunnies suit you. Your photos - especially the ones with all that dust in the background - have a sort of movie-like quality. Hmmm does that make any sense to you??? Anyway, you know what I mean....

  2. lol those are the official dwr flouro that andrew organised (he didnt actually do the embroidery himself - can you believe it!) mine has my name under the logo which puts it just on my right breast. i kept waiting all weekend for someone to ask me what the other one is called